Saturday, 10 January 2015

Good things for 2015

Things has changed last moths for Astute Games, finally we have sold to a USA company our beloved Top Street Soccer, so from now on below we can't make use of this game ( iOS, Android and OS X )

It is time to change our webpage!

On the other hand we have finished a Tool for Unity users called 3DNotes, it is really cheap and i think users can manage its projects much better with it.

3DNotes Asset Store

See the video to understand what are we speaking about:

Now, we have enough money to keep working in our new game Snitcher, we are designing it from 1 year now and we are very excited to see the results.

Happy new year to all.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Astute Games Newsletters

Hi folks,

We have started a newsletters service to all of you interested in our Packages availables in Asset Store.

We are working hard to finish our new Basketball Project at the end of this month, subscribe to know how is working and much more:


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Windows 8.x

Apparently making a port from Unity to 'Windows Store Apps" should be very easy ( at least in my mind ), you know, i press a button and get my package ready to submit to the Store.

A new platform for 'Top Street Soccer'

Finally i just realized i need a Windows 8 to have the choice of making a Windows version from Unity. Well, the good news are i just purchased time ago the amazing Parallels Desktop 8, so i can emulate without problems any Windows.

Well, Microsoft has apparently changed lot of things, for the first time i have used Windows 8 and im not scared like in old times with Windows Vista. Lot of tools are now free like Visual Studio Express 2013. The own Windows is really cheap.
Also, i found Visual Studio has a direct connection with Windows Store, it is like XCode and iTunes Connect, so all seem more Apple style and it sounds good to me.

I think the only difficult part in deployment of game in Windows was to change all things doesn't work in .NET core, it is quite similar to Mono but some code doesn't work like XDocument, BitArray and other some. But luckily there are tons of information on net about all these issues.

And yes, we have now our game in Windows, check it:

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Hi folks,

To celebrate the release of our first "important" game, 'Top Street Soccer' on Mac, i want to invite you to play free the game (well, only the first 10 to get this promotion codes for Mac App Store)


If finally you are one of the lucky ones would be helpful to get some feedback about the game (writing a review or writing here in the blog)


Friday, 13 June 2014

Great first day

Wow... Yesterday was an amazing day for us. World Cup started and our Soccer game was released on Mac App Store as announced.

For me was totally unexpected to find this in Spanish Store, first position in Sport Game Charts. Awesome! Thanks to all!

Spanish Sport Game Chart

I downloaded the game immediately to see if all were ok and i found only a little bug, the dynamic shadows are not working. Today i will bring to Apple the first update. I hope in next week all users can enjoy the new version.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Countdown to World Cup.... in Mac!


Yes, we know this date is probably the most important for all soccer fans each 4 years. We are really happy to have ported our 'Top Street Soccer' iOS game to Mac! ( only available in Mac App Store )

This is not an official game of World Cup but it is a kind of World Cup in the Streets. I hope you want to play it and just inform us what do you think, we love to hear you.

Good Play!

Friday, 6 June 2014

All right, here we go!

I know, long time without posting here.
First of all, i was terribly busy from January to now in our Football games 'Top Soccer' and 'Top Street Soccer', last one specially developed for Mac. ( will be released 12-Juny )



Now is time to change a bit the style of our games, so i start in a completely new concept. Ladies and Gentlemen, i want to present a draft of new character:

I hope get the right way, of course all feedback will be welcomed.